Geography /
Social Science

Level: 10 years +

The purpose of Document Keeper is to allow individuals, family groups, and official as well as unofficial organisations a system of preserving valuable documents in digital formats. Moreover, these documents can then be made available or sold onto third parties.

Students will benefit by:

  • Learning how to use primary documents
  • Develop skills in categorizing documents
  • Organise documents and describe them
  • Handle a project from beginning to end using IT

This will allow the documents to be more readily available, and at the same time help to preserve the originals.


  • Store your documents copies in any digital format:
    • Images
    • Text
    • Audio
    • Video
  • Search, retrieve and display and print the documents in your own format
  • Create a CD / DVD of your documents for others to use.

For groups and organisations:

  • Store valuable documents
  • Gain easy access to digital copies of the documents
  • Print copies for members / clients
  • Create a CD /DVD for distribution to other people to use the documents


For Family use:

  • Store family documents
  • Keep record of members of family or import Gedcom files
  • Link documents to members of your family
  • Link documents to family tree program



Integration with Family Tree

Document Keeper can be linked to family trees by importing Gedcom files from them, to store person details.