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Program Overview: Level 10+ years

Australia: Place & Space is an interactive program which provides the user with a wide variety of functions and tools to explore 32 locations around Australia (as well as Australia as a continent). Create a document or presentation by simply clicking on the "My Document" or "My Presentation" icon. The program contains the following sections:

Content / Skills

Content / Skills:

Detailed coverage on aspects on Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Map and photo skills on the other locations - each one containing an aerial photo, map, illustrated linked hot spots and other information



Is a rich collection of images (ground, oblique, vertical, satellite), maps, graphs, statistics, text and more, for the user to make use of by cutting and pasting. A powerful search engine allows user to quickly locate the information



The mapping tools allows the user to quickly create a map from any image. The map can be printed or used in a report. The users can use their own images as well

3D Viewing / Split screen

3D Viewing / Split screen:

The split screen allows the user to see all 33 locations in 3D using the optional "Screenscope" - which brings the landscape alive. The split screen can also be used to compare two items, and allows the user to create their own activities


Geodata: Level: All ages

The Geodata series was developed to provide teachers and students with a readily available source of information to prepare activities, reports and presentations. The software has been updated to provide a more convenient way of searching for information.


The data can be quickly located using any combination of:

  • Category/Topic/Feature
  • Region/Area
  • Data type
  • Period/Time

Compare up to four images on the screen

Each CD contains a wealth of different types of information including: images, graphs, maps, data, presentations and video (Note the type of content varies between each CD)

There are activities for students, written by classroom teachers

Geodata range:

Geodata Australia

Geodata China

Geodata Coasts

Geodata Hazards

Geodata Indonesia

Geodata Vietnam

Geodata Melbourne


Level: All ages

Explore coal and the role it plays in our everyday lives.

The CDROM has everything for both the teacher and the student:

  • Information and materials which will give a good and clear understanding of energy production using coal, and its relationship to the environment
  • Come up to date with technologies used in the industry to make coal a cleaner power source.

The program is divided into 5 main sections:

Coal In focus: Is conveniently divided into 4 subsections: Coal Formation; The Coal Process; Coal in Society and Coal and the Environment. Each subsection is a rich interactive presentation using text, graphs, tables and images. Students are quizzed as they go along!!

Coal Infobase: The Coal Infobase is a wide collection of all material used in the Coal in Focus section plus additional material including Web links. Use it for research and create your own reports / presentations.

Coal Tour: Take a virtual tour of the Collie coal field! Go where very few have a chance to visit and see what goes on!

Coal games: These games will test your skills and abilities! Contains - Build your own coal mine; Build your own power station; Build your own community and Rehabilitate a mine site.

Teachers' Resources: The teachers' resources section contains:

A matrix with all the national profiles and outcome statements; 10 learning tasks for students, ready for copying;

A detailed presentation ready for use by the teacher;

A detailed PDF file on Greenhouse Gas issues;

Suggestions on the use of the materials - Accessible by the teacher only.